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YSS SRT Facility

Our purpose-built SRT facility is designed to challenge cavers of all abilities and to provide a clean, dry and comparatively warm place to practise skills.

There are 15 permanently rigged routes including all the usual obstacles, four sets of ground-level anchors and a platform with 3 permanently rigged ropes as well as over 100 anchors for users to rig their own routes.

The YSS actively wants to encourage caver training and the facility is here to be used. It can be booked by anyone - members, guests or visitors. Ideally this will be done in advance, but last-minute bookings by phone are also fine. Please see the note below relating to commercial use.

Booking Diary  |  Booking Form  | Topos  | Documentation

Commercial Use

Commerical use (defined as where anyone is being paid for their time or skills) is welcome and will be authorised provided we have evidence of the instructor's own liability insurance. Commercial use also has different time slots and pricing structure, designed to better fit this style of use. Please contact the SRT Bookings Secretary via the Bookings Form for details.

YSS SRT FacilityCharges

Non-commercial use - up to 1 hr - £2, up to half a day - £3 (with a 50% reduction for overnight guests)
Commercial use - £5 per person per 4-hour session (sessions 9-1, 1-5, 5-9)

The charge includes the use of the kitchen and toilets.


Anyone wishing to book will need to refer to the User Procedures & Risk Assessment document, Good Practice Notice and the relevant Registration Form below;