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06 May 2021 08:23 #20333 by Bean
OFD was created by Bean
Sunday the 2nd of May saw the Mendip boys drive to OFD in South Wales, socially distanced in 3 cars! Apparently you should not be caving in Wales as its an indoor sport but no one told us or the person issuing keys, result! A quick chat to Mr Seddon and we started the walk down the hill to bottom or 1, which is now got a new path to follow because of the landowner. We quickly were in the stream and heading uphill trying to remember the way, well it had been a long time. After poking Darren through the letter box which was very quiet this time, maybe he has been on a diet during lockdown! After Pickadily we were once back into 'streamway' and avoiding man traps (can you still call them mantraps?) we made our way up the streamway, which was very low till Maypole inlet. This needed a few slings to help a Wessex dwarf out and up the climb, no names mentioned, Claire. This led up the inlet and a climb up and out, a quick tourist view of Trident and Judge saw us exit the cave after 4 and half hours of superb caving.
Bean, Darren, Pete, Wayne, Claire and Mac.
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