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Diccan Pot 30-10-19

  • iball
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30 Oct 2019 22:34 - 31 Oct 2019 14:16 #19610 by iball
Diccan Pot 30-10-19 was created by iball
Sadly Mr V was broken after his exertions in Daimler Hole, so a morning in Settle looking at the Settle Hydro Plant exhibition in the Folly Hall Museum left me with a few hours to fill once Mr V was off home.

Close to the hut, carry rope on my own, it's not rained for a while so I opted for Diccan Pot.

Girder Pool was quite full and the water over the lip today meant I regretted not bringing any slings/krabs for deviations, despite the lack of rain fall, it is as wet as I've seen (on the two other occasions I've visited).

So, knot knot knot, descend, knot knot, descend, knot knot, descend and get peppered by the waterfall, you would be dryer in a shower, it's exhilaratingly wet down that first pitch. Over the lip to the dodgy anchor and you get out the draft and spray for a short while. Knot, knot, knot and then I was deep in the rift, hugging the far wall trying to keep my back to the spray. Off at the bottom I had a look at the sump, foam on the wall was a few feet higher than the current sump level, I can only imagine how wet Diccan and Alum can get to raise the sump level by that much.

The obligatory coffee and cake (flapjack actually) and the return journey begins slowly and decelerates from there. Dragging my overweight, out of shape bulk up against the water is tough going and I was soon flagging. When you are alone you don't notice the speed you are going you just focus no the next task, climb to the rebelay or deviation and when you're set, derig it and move to the next one. If you're trying to keep up with Keith or stay ahead of Mr Rae then caving is a different kettle of fish.

I had a dilemma on the middle pitch. I carried a bag up the bottom pitch filling it as I went, but with a tackle sack full and a second to stuff, I decided to haul them up after climbing the pitch rather than climb with them. That was a mistake. the bags were more water than rope after sitting in the stream once I set off up the pitch. I couldn't lift them. I had a pulley with me, so I hooked up a pulley jammer and used my footjammer to hoist them, which worked surprisingly well in the straightforward rift.

Popping up to the ledge of the first pitch was surprisingly wet and windy, I was only there an hour before, not sure how I'd forgotten about it but this time I had one bag dangling and one on the back. Every now and again a big burst of water would come over the pitch and catch the bag on my back swinging me a little so the next burst would plop on the helmet, if there was someone with a bucket at the top aiming for me I would not have been surprised. Breaking through the spray zone was a welcome relief and once up into the stream passage the entrance came soon enough.

Diccan in the doable dry = boring
Diccan in the doable wet = AWESOME
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31 Oct 2019 08:11 #19611 by dweare
Replied by dweare on topic Diccan Pot 30-10-19
Well done!
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