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Black Reef Cave 21/9/19

  • stuartw
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24 Sep 2019 21:02 - 24 Sep 2019 21:04 #19535 by stuartw
Black Reef Cave 21/9/19 was created by stuartw
Following our exit from Whitescar Cave prior to the allotted time of 3pm -- cheesy chips, then an icecream in Ingleton refreshed us to the point of wanting yet more aquatic passageway. So donning unpleasant wet neoprene, who's idea was this Rich, we went for a look at the delights of this little visited cave. The very cold chest deep water of the entrance canals keeps out the numpties who would otherwise have trashed the delicate formations by now. I'm reluctant to encourage people to visit but if you can find the entrance and endure the cold water maybe you deserve the right to admire the tiny helictites and the mineralised black "dams" for want of a better description.
In the longer than expected side passage/ inlet is a boulder eroded away to a slender flake at its base and seemingly defying gravity.
Not for everyone - this cave is of interest to hardy geology geeks and not thrill seekers.
Ariana, Lee, Rich, Phil and Stu had an hour and a half chilling to the core while Lynne was surface support in the glorious September sunshine.
We just have to go collect our President from the railway station (which is very near to the Crown) on the way back to the committee meeting. A full on day, especially for Rich Lance Codpiece Rae who cycled the lot.
Last edit: 24 Sep 2019 21:04 by stuartw.

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